Join our team of COREFI volunteers, and directly benefit the well-being of our citizens in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Your help is vital, and you can help even if you don't live on the island! 



Directly help some of the most in need residents 

Get to know your Vieques community

Flexible volunteer opportunities


Medical Aid

Over 75 days post Hurricane Maria, we are still finding people with critical heath conditions as we go door-to-door. If you are an experienced care provider, we welcome you as part of our COREFI team, and can bring you directly to where help is needed. 

Experienced and comfortable in providing medical aid.  
Desire to help lift up all of Vieques' citizens.

Drive Vieques

Know the back roads and barrios like the back of your hand? Help us deliver medicine, aid workers, food, and shelter directly into Viequense homes. Bring someone to a medical appointment or to the ferry, or loan us your car (or fuel) for the day.

Familiar with Vieques' barrios
Knowledge of Spanish language
Desire to help lift up all of Vieques' citizens


Champion our cause

Host a fundraising event or supply drive in your town, or help us with our annual events and fundraising drives on Vieques. Share our mission to ensure all citizens of Vieques have access to food, clothes, shelter, and sanitary living conditions. Ride along with our team and help us spread the word of the conditions on Vieques and the needs of our people. If you are an administrative wiz, help us inventory and plan our future. Let us know what you are good at, and we will find a good match for your skills. 


Determination and coordination will get you far here!
Desire to help lift up all of Vieques' citizens

Build, clean, cook, and clear

Many of our residents need repairs to their homes after the Category 5 storms that wreaked havoc in Vieques. In addition, we always need people to help make homes accessible by building ramps and improving bathrooms for wheelchairs.  Your chainsaw, a mop, and a hammer will be put to good use. 

Construction, cleaning, or clearing skills
Desire to help lift up all of Vieques' citizens