Committed to lifting up
the residents of Vieques


Our Leadership

Our leadership and board team is a powerful mix of Viequense, Puerto Rican, and Mainlanders. We are currently seeking a CPA to join our leadership team. 


Ana Sonia Ventura Morales

Carmen Valencia
Vice President

Aitza Vega



Phyllis Johnson

Debbie Garcia

Yaritza Pérez
Executive Director


Harold Bucholtz

Sarah E Patterson
Communications Director




Our Volunteers & Partners

Our invaluable COREFI volunteers support our efforts by cleaning, translating, building, driving, providing medical care, and in may other ways. We also partner with other organizations to bring needed aid to Vieques. 


Core Volunteers

Olga Gallego

David Young

Liz Zivic

Fundraising Group

Dennis Currier

Mary Ann Currier

Trish Kurkul

Debi May

Lloyd Merrill

Carol Molinelli

Tom Molinelli

Kathi Rodrigues

Partner Organizations

Vieques Love*

Hope Builders*

Sail Relief

Humanity First

Veterans Disaster Relief

Unity Warriors

Angel Flight

Episcopalian Church

3 Nails Project

At The Waves Guest House

Casa Amistad Guest House

Tropical Guest House

Vieques Car Rental

American Way Disaster Relief

Vieques Rotary Club

**Vieques Love and Hope Builders are independent relief programs that receive charitable grants
and contributions through COREFI. Support for COREFI’s direct programming remains small and separate from the funding for these independent programs.




Our Donors 

A heartfelt thank you to the individuals who have gone above and beyond to contribute to COREFI with monetary donations, goods, services, and time. Gracias por todo, we could not do it without you.