After Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the needs on VIEQUES continue to rise.

We are still finding people in critical condition in their homes.

After the two September 2017 devastating hurricanes, Vieques is STILL without adequate power and many are without potable water or fuel. Hurricanes Irma and Maria were some of the worst in Puerto Rico's history, with winds over 160 MPH. Government resources have been scarce for those on the small island of Vieques, and for the elderly, sick, and poor citizens, it’s been nearly impossible.  As most of the island relies on tourism, these hurricanes have also left many without incomes or jobs. OUR MISSION IS ALWAYS TO SERVE THE MOST NEEDY, AND IN THE FACE OF THESE STORMS, WE MUST EXPAND.

WE ARE GOING DOOR TO DOOR TO PROVIDE WATER, FOOD, AND AID.  We are still finding people in critical condition or dying in their collapsed homes, and many more survivors hanging by a thread. Help is critically needed in the form of donations (monetary and in-kind) and volunteers.


  • Door-to-door search to identify those most at risk and provide critical services.
  • Reestablishing our Food Bank that was obliterated by Hurricane Maria.
  • A new truck to gather supplies from the main island and distribute them in Vieques.
  • Providing access to medical services.
  • Distribute food, water and, medicine.

Find out more about our work on Vieques since 2008, donate on a monthly basis, or volunteer.   

COREFI: A Vieques, Puerto Rico non-profit established in 2008
COREFI is led by Viequense native Ana Sonia Ventura Morales. COREFI has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service to be a charitable organization
described by section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Tax Code.

We serve those most in need on Vieques: the elderly, the sick, and the disabled. We are almost 100% volunteer-powered. As our organization, and the needs of Vieques grow, we plan to expand and continue to help lead Vieques by providing all of our people with access to food, medicine, shelter, jobs, and sanitary living conditions. Perhaps most importantly, we believe in the dignity and improving the lives of all those on Vieques.

We are also partnering with key organizations. Our goal is to leverage our collective strengths.
We help independent relief programs, like Vieques Love and Hope Builders, that were created in
response to Maria and that are receiving charitable grants and contributions through COREFI in
this time of crisis. Support for COREFI’s direct programming remains small and separate from
the funding for these independent programs.