Current Campaign

COREFI needs Wheels, Meals, and Drivers


Our small island was hit hard by the 2017 hurricanes. We have been blessed to have received many donations from around the world, but the next step is getting them into the hands and homes of those that need them! We are in immediate need of an operating vehicle to do this efficiently. People that COREFI assist are often bedridden or critically ill, and do not leave their homes. This means we have to go to them. Because we transport large amounts of food, medical equipment, and building materials, a flat-bed truck is needed. 


We need volunteer drivers that know our barrios! Volunteer Today! In addition to delivering food, medicine, and other goods, we drive residents to their doctors appointments, and sometimes drive doctors to our residents' homes. Currently, Vieques has no medical facility that provides dialysis services. Residents that need this critical medical service must travel over an hour, by ferry, to San Juan. Sometimes, residents need to make this journey several times a week. Our organization funds transportation to and from the ferry, and our volunteers provide door-to-door driving services. Funds are needed for gas and ferry fees. 


WE ARE ON THE ROAD DAILY. We bring everything from volunteer medical professionals to bedsheets out into our community.